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Who we are

This all started when we realized that we exercise to take care of our bodies, which are temples of the Holy Spirit, but in doing so, we’re often exposed to content that is more worldly than pleasing to God.


The group fitness world is special because there’s that community aspect that can make the experience more fun and more challenging than going solo. Plus, the instructors are always strong, encouraging, and super cool. We had tried lots of different workout programs, but as we matured on our walk with Jesus, we began to feel icky about how we were being spiritually fed in the process. It didn’t feel right to log into Zoom classes and hear curse words and profane content in the music. Or to hear the well-meaning, but powerless mantra, “we’re proud of you for putting yourself first today.” Fitness culture, like culture in general, has become a giant force in the self-love movement. But as followers of Christ, we know that self-love is an empty religion! 

Shouldn't we be able to develop ourselves into physically strong people without exposing ourselves to environments that could spiritually weaken us?

​We're two young women (and sisters!) in our twenties whose mission is to create a space where workouts become worship. We hope to build a supportive community where we’ll get fit together while being comfortable and proud of the content we’re absorbing in the process. 

Don't get us wrong, we will work hard, but we'll be honoring God while we do it.

​Are you up for the challenge? Come join us!

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