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I've had a passion for exercise since I was young. Growing up, it was straight from school to track to dance class to soccer practice (to homework, of course). In my adult years, life's responsibilities have limited my exercise time to about an hour each day. So, now-a-days I really value time-effective exercise techniques, where I can quickly burn hundreds of calories and give my muscles a good burn. Most importantly, though, I still want exercise to be fun!

With Jab Cross Jab, I believe we've created exactly this, and hope you enjoy it, too!


I grew up playing soccer but always loved cross training with other types of exercise. After college when I put the soccer ball down for good, I hopped from workout to workout, trying everything from spin to kickboxing to barre. I wanted to find a workout I could fully commit to, and I have always disliked running (who's with me?) so I wanted something that would incorporate both strength and cardio.


Jab Cross Jab has all of the best aspects of a group fitness program—fun routines that make you forget you're working out while you're building strength and getting a killer tone:)

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