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Purchase by the class. Our 45-minute classes are $5, and our 30-minute ab classes are $4.  

Commit to working out with us a few extra times this month for a discount - purchase a class pack of 5 live classes for $15. Sign up for the classes that interest you on the "Schedule" page. Expires after 30 days. 

For a much better value, sign up for our monthly membership! For $20/month, you get access to all of our live classes, and as a thank you for being part of our membership community, we will also give you access to pre-recorded classes. The live class times are listed under "Schedule," and pre-recorded classes will be accessible to you on the website. We offer 2 live classes and 2 pre-recorded classes per week.

Discount Opportunities

Homeschool groups! Are your kids part of a homeschool co-op of >5 students, and would you like Jab Cross Jab to fulfill the PE requirement? If so, reach out to us at for discounted group class rates.

Women's church group! Are you interested in hosting us at your church? We would be honored to lead a 45-minute cardio kickboxing class for you. Reach out to us at for more information and scheduling!


Are your classes appropriate for all ages?

While the music and moves are appropriate for all ages, in order to get the most out of our classes, you should be old enough to learn the routines. Our classes are physically intense, but no need to worry about this - we will provide modifications!

What kind of music do you use?

The music we use is primarily Christian music. You'll never hear a cuss word or profane language.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel at least 8 hours before the class we will return your class credit to you.

More questions? Contact us!

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